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Blue Lotus Relics

Why the Blue Lotus?

From the East

In the Kemetic folklore of our ancient Ancestors, Ra arose from the lotus petals of Mother Nun’s chaos bringing order and sunlight! The yellow center of the Blue Lotus Flower is symbolic of this sunlight; the blue petals can be likened to Nun’s midnight sky. As in similar lore, the rising of the sun is representative of resurrection. Ironically, the lotus flower blooms at sunrise and closes at sunset; thusly, the blue lotus flower is symbolic of resurrection and rebirth.

To the West

As above, so below. As in the East, so in the West. Both in the Caribbean Sea and in the Gulf of Mexico region, the land of many of our more recent Ancestors, the yellow lotus flower was revered and the plant was used as a food crop, and is still eaten today. In Louisiana, the seeds are called graine à voler (flying seeds) because they shoot out of their pods to remain loosely encased inside of them until the pods drop and the seeds fall into the water.

What’s in a Relic?

A relic is a venerated object associated with a saint or martyr, a souvenir or memento, a remnant left after decay, or a trace of a past or ancient custom or belief. This single word manages to encapsulate our true essence as artists and creatives who allow the pure energy of our pieces to dictate their design.

An Aquarian Age Spin

Out of the past, into the present, here at Blue Lotus Relics, we are circulating in a perpetual cycle of manifestation by uplifting the traditions of the Ancient Ones with a fresh, blue-world twist. Our refurbished charmlets hearken to a time past, while our crystal cuffs' presence brings the ancient through the future. Join us and delight in your own Blue Lotus Relics experience. We’ll meet you in the light! Follow us @bluelotusrelics

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